The most typical and traditional style of wash basins is pedestal wash basins, which have a support that hides the plumbing behind them. You may choose from a wide selection of high-quality pedestal basins in shapes and sizes like oval, round, rectangular, and many others. 


Our pedestal sinks may give the design of your bathroom a lovely, refined touch. They come in a wide variety of forms, styles, and colors with glazed, porcelain finishes that can complement almost any bathroom theme. Its glazed finish’s smooth surface makes cleaning up simple with a variety of non-abrasive bathroom cleansers.


One advantage of our pedestal sinks is that they might give the impression that your bathroom is bigger. Due to its lower footprint than conventional bathroom vanity cabinets, this offers a desirable option for houses with smaller bathrooms or half baths. Also, Pedestal Basins are easy to clean and maintain due to their straightforward and simple design.

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